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A More Serious Note

I know, I know. Half of these posts start with me apologizing for being away for so long and end with me promising not to do it again, just before I promptly go off and do it again. But you might’ve noticed that this has been the longest hiatus yet, and there’s a reason for it I like to think is pretty decent.
As you may have noticed, the world has pretty much gone to shit, and back in March, when things really started going to shit for us here in America (especially in places like New Jersey, the realm of the Mad King Phil Murphy, the First of His Name, my current reluctant location), my local library was among one of the countless “nonessential” businesses that were closed down to help “flatten the curve.” I might’ve mentioned this before, but for those of you who don’t know I don’t have internet at home: Almost a decade of chronic health issues and all the related problems they’ve raised have kept me from the kind of steady and/or well-earning work that would’ve allowed me to afford…

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